Emotional Eating Solutions

Your health and weight is not determined by your choice of food and its nutrition alone.

Who you are as an eater (your relationship with food and your body) may play a bigger role in this outcome than you think.

At Vivify, we combine mind/body nutrition and dynamic eating psychology to bring healing to your relationship with food and your body.

Mind/Body Nutrition

Mind/body nutrition is the combined psychology and physiology of your thoughts, beliefs, eating rhythm, speed, nutritional balance and more and how these influence your digestion, assimilation and the calorie burning potential of your body. The mind has a direct impact on your physiology. What you think and feel directly influences the digestion of your food.

Dynamic Eating Psychology

Dynamic eating psychology is your food story. It allows you to understand what beliefs and past events drive your food choices and behaviors. When you understand this influence on your relationship with food, you can begin to find peace with food and your body. This relationship often has little to do with food and is actually a doorway into your personal life, inner world, or spiritual truth.

Take The First Step On Your Journey Back To Health

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