Read what some of our patients have had to say about their experiences with Vivify Integrative Health. As with any type of medical treatment, results may vary from patient to patient.

“I have been on the protocol for a week. I love it! I am SO motivated.”

I have been on the protocol for a week. I love it! I am SO motivated. I thought it was going to be difficult eating only 500 calories /day but it is very easy!! I’m not hungry. Plus, all the time that I spent in the past obsessing about food is gone- now I use this time to focus on all the positive things that my new way of life has brought into my awareness!!* 

“I am one week into Phase 2 and have lost 50 lbs!!! I’m thrilled.”

I am one week into Phase 2 and have lost 50 lbs!!! I’m thrilled. Had to have my pants taken in 3 times! Even more, I feel great and am loving exercise. My body is happy and my mood has been so stable and positive. I am incredibly grateful!* 

“About 14 days left on the hCG.”

About 14 days left on the hCG. I could not have chosen anything better for myself. It has really not been difficult at all and I have been an emotional eater all my life.* 

“33 days into this- no cheating. Have dropped about 18 lbs.”

33 days into this- no cheating. Have dropped about 18 lbs. About 10-13 to go. So happy and pleased with the loss of fat and how I feel!!* 

“This is the best program- sleeping great, feeling great!”

This is the best program- sleeping great, feeling great! Must read Robin’s book first (Weight Loss Apocalypse). It’s a must to understanding how the program works. 20 lbs down!* 

“Starting the protocol today! I am excited and scared at the same time.”

Starting the protocol today! I am excited and scared at the same time. This isn’t about my eating, it’s about finding my true self… what a journey this will be!* 

“Dr. Hagen Has Changed My Life For The Better…”

I’ve had stomach problems for as long as I can remember. No matter where I went, no one could seem to help me. However, after meeting with Dr. Hagen I knew my problems had finally been solved. His comprehensive health assessment gave me the tools to finally improve my stomach health for good!*

“The Team At Vivify Integrative Health Is Life-Changing…”

From the moment I walked through the doors at Vivify Integrative Health, the entire staff and medical team there have been SO helpful! From helping me schedule my initial appointments to answering any questions I had about my treatment, they always knew exactly what to say, and how to help.*

“After Years Of Searching, My Stomach Problems Are Solved…”

For as long as I can remember, medical “experts” had told me I was lactose intolerant and that was what had been causing my stomach pain. Dr. Hagen and his team looked beyond the initial diagnosis to figure out the REAL cause of my ailments. One year later, my stomach problems are finally solved.*

“My Wife Is Finally Feeling Better, And She’s Happier Than Ever…”

My wife and I seemingly have traveled from doctor to doctor in search of someone who could help with her chronic pain. Luckily, the last stop we had to make was in Hudson, where Dr. Hagen and his team at Vivify Integrative Health provided the perfect diagnosis for my wife. She couldn’t be happier and has recommended Dr. Hagen to all her friends!*

“I Finally Have A Successful Approach To Maintaining My Health…”

It takes a lot to get me to shift my philosophy when it comes to health and wellness. That being said, Dr. Hagen has a very unique approach with his patients that ensures they are always at ease and understanding what is being explained to them. He has given me nothing but the best medical advice and changed how I treat and maintain my own health completely!*

“A Simple And Easy Process, From Appointment To Diagnosis…”

From the moment I initiated contact with Vivify Integrative Health through the web, the communications with its team of health pros has been off the charts great! Even if I had to cancel an appointment or change my scheduling, they were always more than accommodating to me to ensure I got the care I needed.*

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